Little Dog, Little Dog

Been thinking about this encounter for a while now and thought I would finally share.  I walk every day in my neighborhood.  Five miles.  Since I’d been really ill, it was the only way I could begin to get my strength back.  I came to know my neighbors better and it helped not only physically but emotionally and mentally too.  One day I was on my usual route and spotted  this older gentleman walking his little dog.  I always talk to the dogs because they usually walk right up to me. They know I like them. The owners may engage with me, or may just watch me interacting with their “kids”  As I got closer, the little guy was on his leash, sniffing around intrigued by everything, wagging his tail and looking at everything and everybody.  He was however, not a normal dog.  He was walking around with the aid of a cart under his hind legs.  He was using his front legs and wheels as his means of locomotion. but not seemingly troubled by it in the least.  I looked up at the guy walking him and asked, “oh, what happened to him?”  The guy replied, “ he’s a rescue that was going to be put down after he was in a car accident with his owner.  I’m fostering him because I just couldn’t let that happen.”  The guys next words though were the ones that impacted me the most.  “This little guy isn’t troubled by his disability at all” , he said.  “He still loves to get out here, eats really well, and just enjoys his life without skipping a beat.”  Well, it was a big lesson for me.  I have to admit feeling more than a little sorry for myself sometimes.  Kind of felt it was God talking to me about changing my perspective and decided that I would enjoy life as it came, no matter what. Even though I am supposedly a human who exists on another level, at least we seem to think so, this little guy was a symbol to me. Life, no matter how it happens to you, can still be a place of curiosity, and joy, and love.  Period.  Nothing more to say. 

How could I ..the story tells it all.