There is No Single Word for "Blue" in Russian

I’ve been thinking about color…not just your basic color theory color, but deeper and more interesting color notes in painting.  I often work off a color palette of my favorites. Remembering one of my teachers, who was a colorist, I try to incorporate a new color into my palette especially when my own seems to be getting stale to my eye.  I walk every day in my neighborhood and since I am never without my trusty I Phone companion, I am looking for interesting color cues.  Nature is the best place to find them.  I take photos and keep them in a file for those times when a piece I’m working on seems to need a boost from something or somewhere.  Nature never gets it wrong.  And it does not  matter that I’ve taken a certain photo already, because light changes and seasonal changes add depth and interest, or flowers bloom or die and supply natures life process to the colors.  

Fortunately, it’s never ending process.  Here are three good examples.  Greens are difficult to get natural looking and here are several variations on a theme.  Even though I am an abstract painter, mixing those tones into a piece and getting it right isn’t easy.  And as you can see….green is not green is not green.  It’s way more than a color name.